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Wynton Marsalis & The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra - Congo Square - Live at the 2007 Montreal Jazz Festival

Wynton Marsalis pays homage to his hometown of New Orleans in Congo Square, a ground-breaking suite celebrating Congo Square's unique role in shaping American music. In the 1700s & 1800s the Congo Square market was the only place in America More...

120 minutes.


Barry Martyn - Legends of Jazz

Recorded in 1979 for a Los Angeles television show called 'Speakeasy', the Legends Of Jazz are augmented by trombonist Papa Jac Assunto on the eleven songs contained on this historic DVD.



Item# NR83
John McLaughlin - Meeting Of The Minds: The Making Of Floating Point

For the first time, an intimate view of what happens at a John McLaughlin recording session. Filmed over a period of 5 days, you can see how great musicians work together with spontaneity and vitality. More...


John McLaughlin Mahavishnu Orchestra Live at Montreux 

Formed by John McLaughlin in 1971, this band pioneered the fusion of jazz elements into rock music while still undeniably retaining the power and muscle of a full-on rock band. With McLaughlin as the ever-present, the line-up went through various phases. These 2 concerts from Montreux showcase the band at distinctively different More...

Item# MX41


John McLaughlin - Remember Shakti: Way Of Beauty

The 60 minute documentary, Shakti Timeless, tells the story of the Indo-western music group Shakti. Formed in 1975, the group pioneered a groundbreaking and highly influential musical East-meets-West approach. More...

Also included are a 45 minute live coverage film called "Sound check" shot at a Remember Shakti concert in Paris, 2004; 55 minute 2000 live concert in Bombay called "Saturday Night in Bombay;" and 2 live concert videos of the group shot at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976 and 2004. Also contains clips from Mahavishnu Orchestra Syracuse 1972.


Linda Lee Michelet - Big Band Peggy Lee DVD/CD

This DVD/CD collection packed with live concert tracks and footage of the cabaret chanteuse and her big band tribute to music legend Peggy Lee. Also included in this new collection is a promo film, concert film, band interviews, band information, press clips, and a slideshow. Recorded in Portland, Oregon, 2007 by Sean Flora and filmed by MastanMusic producer Jeremy Wilson. More...

The Big Band includes: Joe Milward, Don Jansen, Marty Higgins, Jeff Uusitalo, Dave Captein, Paul Mazzio, Tim Jensen, and Lee Wuthenow.


Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble Live at Velvet Lounge

Nicole Mitchell brings an exciting new approach to flute improvisation. Co-president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), she is the founder of the critically acclaimed Black Earth Ensemble. More...

With David Boykin, saxophone; David Young, trumpet; Jeff Parker, guitar; Tomeka Reid, cello; Josh Abrams, bass; Marcus Evans, drums; Ugochi, vocals.

Item# NR73

Moscow Sax Quintet  - The Jazznost Tour

The Moscow Sax Quintet is considered one of the finest Jazz groups in the world, and this DVD features the distinctive group on their premiere world tour, appropriately named the "The Jazznost Tour." Their magical sound perfectly captures the Jazz feeling, particularly on classics by Fats Waller and The Beatles. When they interpret Charlie Parker's improvised solos, More...

62 minutes

Item# NR109

Musica Cubana

Docudrama chronicling the new generation of musicians in Cuba, starring Pio Leyva, star of "Buena Vista Social Club," and executive produced by Wim Wenders. When a taxi driver finds the sole survivor of the Buena Vista Social Club in his cab, he takes advantage of this good fortune and tries to convince the master to help him produce the next generation of Cuban musicians More...

93 minutes


Tito Nieves - En Vivo

This first ever DVD by Tito Nieves features 9 of his top songs, along with making-of footage of this DVD and a special making of "Mi Mayor Sacrificio" with Marco Antonio Solis; also a photo gallery and the audio track of "Mi Mayor Sacrificio". More...



Item# LA70

Anita O'Day - Live in Tokyo 1963

This astounding 1963 live televised concert from Japan is destined to become the quintessential Anita O'Day concert. Anita is backed by a full orchestra. This particular concert has never been released until now. It is a classic performance capturing Anita at the pinnacle of her Verve period. Bob Corwin is on piano, with Toshiyuki Miyama and The All-Star Orchestra, and Takeshi Inomata and His West Liners. Buddy Bregman provides arrangements. More...


Steve Oliver - One Night Live

Steve's mesmerizing live performance has been captured on this spectacular DVD/CD set, featuring a complete live audio and video concert recording, plus 2 new studio tracks. The DVD features bonus behind the scenes footage and an explanation of the guitar orchestra. More...




Michel Petrucciani - Non Stop Travels & Trio - Live in Stuttgart

This is the first ever, all new Michel Petrucciani DVD featuring TWO entire feature programs: Non Stop Travels With Michel Petrucciani, a brilliant documentary on this most unique musician, and also Trio Live In Stuttgart. More...


118 minutes

Item# NR100

Astor Piazzolla - Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival - 1984

This DVD features Piazzolla's renowned live performance at the 1984 Montreal Jazz Festival. It was meticulously digitally restored and remastered in September 2007 under the supervision of Piazzolla's friend and pupil Richard Galliano. This is the first live concert DVD ever filmed and released of Piazzolla, in it's entirety. More...

Astor Piazzolla- Bandoneón; Pablo Ziegler- Piano; Fernando Suárez Paz - Violin; Oscar López Ruiz - Electric Guitar; Héctor Console - Double Bass


Play Your Own Thing

This film is an exploration of the origins, first steps, and changes of direction that have repeatedly occurred in European jazz in the search for that elusive "voice of one's own." And when American jazz entered Europe, artists from both sides of the Atlantic More...

Included: Rare archive material featuring Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ben Webster, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Zawinul, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Don Cherry, Juliette Greco, Chris Barber, and many more.

90 minutes

Item# NR106

Jean Luc Ponty - In Concert 1999

"In Concert" is the very first DVD by Jean Luc Ponty with a great live performance in Poland, October 1999. French jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty has paved the way for jazz fusion, playing accessable sounds since the mid-'60's. With styles ranging from swing, bop, and modal jazz to world music and country, Ponty has no limit More...

Personnel: Jean Luc Ponty - Violin; Guy Nsangue Akwa - Bass; Thierry Arpino - Drums ; William Lecomte - Keyboards; Moustapha Cissé - Percussion
71 minutes


Tito Puente - The Mambo King

Tito Puente's 100th album is a celebration. It's the musical mark of a historic event. A one of a kind show featuring Tito accompanied by the likes of Salsa royalty Celia Cruz and Oscar D'Leon to name a few. Best of all the events captured live and is available for the first time on DVD. Also appearing are Dominigo Quinones, Ismael Miranda. José Alberto, Tony Vega, and Tito Nieves. More...


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