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Points on a Space Age explores the recent activity of the remaining members of the influential Sun Ra Arkestra,formed in the mid 1950's around the teachings of musician, philosopher, and spiritualist Sun Ra. Sun Ra, according to himself and his disciples believed that he was sent to this planet to prepare human beings for the world for the future, centered around space travel, and the human capacity to evolve. The members of Ra's band where not only band mates they were also disciples, students and companions to their Guru bandleader. It was common for the band to practice for eight hours, only breaking for teachings, and then go out and play gigs. The band continued in this manner for approximately thirty years until Sun Ra "left the planet" in 1993.

60 minutes


Sun Ra Arkestra - Points On A Space Age

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Points on a Space Age examines the work the Arkestra in the physical absence of Sun Ra, under the direction of faithful musician and companion Marshall Allen, now age 86. The band continues to maintain an active touring schedule and continues a lifestyle committed to human development through the disciples of Music and Spirituality. Points on a Space Age offers some insight into one of the most influential bands of the 20th Century.