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Sonny Rollins in Vienne, Doxy Records' first DVD release, was produced by French television and offers an up-close glimpse at Rollins onstage in high-definition video as he unfurls a superb set of standards, calypsos, and originals before a euphoric crowd at the 2006 Jazz à Vienne Festival. The saxophonist, who famously spent two years (1959-61) practicing on New Yorks Williamsburg Bridge, above the East River, finds that "playing outside is always great. But Vienne, with its Roman amphitheater, is a particularly photogenic place, a beautiful venue. The little town is on the Rhône River. And it was warm that night, just perfect weather."

Recorded June 20, 2006, at the Vienne (France) Jazz Festival in High Definition and mastered in Surround Sound.

76 minutes


Sonny Rollins - Live in Vienne, France

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Sonny Rollins - Tenor Saxophone; Clifton Anderson - Trombone; Bobby Broom - Guitar; Bob Cranshaw - Electric Bass; Victor Lewis - Drums; Kimati Dinizula - Percussion



They Say Its Wonderful, Global Warming, Sonny, Please, I See Your Face Before Me, Don't Stop the Carnival