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Polish jazz-rock legend Laboratorium is seen here for the first time on DVD. With virtuosity, imagination, brilliant compositions & a one-of-a-kind sound, Laboratorium is one of the most important groups in the Polish rock and jazz music scene. DVD features a collection of archival footage: the concert at the prestigious Jazz Jamboree festival in 1978; the recording of the live album "Blue Light Pilot" at Stu Theatre in 1982; their 25th Anniversary concert in 1996. Also features interviews with band members.

130 minutes


Laboratorium - Old School Fusion Live

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Jazz Jamboree (1978):
Prevet Blues, Śniegowa Panienka, Zdrowie na budowie, Taki ładny i przyjemny

"Blue Light Pilot" Concert (1982):
Straight No Chaser, Virgin from Nowa Huta, Blue Light Pilot, What's New in the Forrest

The 25th Anniversary of Laboratorium (1996):
Polish Calypso, Anatomy Lesson, Lady on the Goat, Polish Calypso (Reprise)

Bonus Materials:
bonus video "Late Coming", photo gallery, interviews, biography, discography