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This DVD/CD set includes the French bass virtuoso's first live album. It captures the fire of his vibrant concert performance on both audio and video on DVD. With the core trio of Entremundo, guitarist "Kiko" Ruiz and drummer "Negrito" Trasante, this artist delivers 7 of his thrilling Spanish-influenced pieces, 4 of them brand new. Sometimes referred to as "the Paganini of double bass," Renaud Garcia-Fons is a composer and five-string bass player.

85 minutes


Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio - Arcoluz

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Garcia-Fons has performed with the Orchestre de Contrebasses, the Orchestre National de Jazz and his own groups. His music is a rich gypsy mix of global jazz flavored with Indian, Greek, African, flamenco, Latin American, tango, and new musette. On many works he is accompanied by a variety of instruments, including guitar, lute, derbouka, flutes, trombone, and accordion.


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