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Al Foster & his Quintet perform at the New Morning in July 2007. Foster is a great believer in the purity of the music, a genuine artist who continues to push the boundaries of creativity. As a major innovator in the world of jazz for several decades, and a member of the Miles Davis band for thirteen years, Foster's contribution to Davis' music is articulated by Davis himself in his 1989 autobiography, where Davis describes the first time he heard Foster play live in 1972 at the Cellar Club on 95th Street in Manhattan: "He [Foster] knocked me out because he had such a groove and he would just lay it right in there. That was the kind of thing I was looking for. AI could set it up for everybody else to play off and just keep the groove going forever."

Al Foster - drums; Eli Degibri - sax; Dr. Eddie Henderson - trumpet;
Arron Goldberg & George Callaghan - piano; Doug Weiss - bass

60 minutes


Al Foster - The Paris Concert

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