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A documentary produced in France on the history of Cuban Music, featuring some of its greatest practitioners of yesterday and today. The film presents a concise look at a musical scene that is warm and inviting, heartbreaking and bittersweet, yet filled with humor and the fortitude of the human spirit. Meet the greatest people who have kept the scene going, past and present, like Benny More, Silvio Rodriguez, Omara Portuondo, Pablo Milanes, Faustino Oramas, Bola de Nieve, Beatriz Marquez, Lino Borges, Sindo Garary, Ignacio Piniero, Tatá Güines, the group Aguari-Yo, Richard Egües, Senén Suarez, 3 De La Habana, Pancho Amat, Pérez Prado, Isaac Delgado, and others.

90 minutes


Cubanissimo: A History of Cuban Music

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