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In reviews of Ari's first two Delmark albums, Ultimate Frontier (Delmark 486) and Venus (504), writers often used phrases like "overwhelming emotional immediacy" (Down Beat), "rare depth of feeling" (Jazziz) and "raw emotion and ferocity" (JazzTimes). Ari carries on the Chicago tenor sax and the AACM traditions. He melds them into his own voice and no matter how far out he takes the music it still remains accessible and enjoyable. Live at The Green Mill features the same rhythm section Ari's been working with for over ten years: brother Kirk Brown, piano; Yosef Ben Israel, bass; Avreeayl Ra, drums. Also featured on a few tracks are Pharez Whitted, trumpet and Dr. Cuz, percussion.

DVD also features commentary/interview track.

Item# NR74

Ari Brown - Live At The Greenmill

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