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This DVD draws on three of Al's performances at Montreux. The 1986 concert is a solo acoustic performance. The 1989 concert is by the Super Guitar Trio in which Al Dimeola joins forces with Larry Coryell and Bireli Lagrene. The 1993 concert features Al with Chris Carrington and Arto Tuncboyaciyan.

Selections: Vertigo Shadow, Orient Blue Suite, Passion, Grace & Fire, Atavism Of Twilight, Enigma Of Desire, Cielo E Terra, Etude, Capoiera, Orient Blue Suite/Traces Of a Tear, Musette De Paris Avec La Rue Dupierre No. 5, Brazilliance, Waltz, No Mystery, Spain, PSP No. II. Tango Suite (for two guitars), Indigo, No Mystery, Tango Suite

Item# MX27


Al Dimeola - Live at Montreux 1986/1989/1993

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