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A flamboyant performer, brilliant musician, and one of the founders of jazz fusion, Jaco Pastorius was the most innovative electric bass player of all time, creating a fluid sound on the fretless bass that leapt out of the rhythm section into the front line. Jaco is in peak form with a top notch band of hand picked musicians in his only full concert performance on DVD.

Personnel: Jaco Pastorius - electric bass; Bob Mintzer - tenor sax & bass clarinet; Randy Brecker - trumpet; Peter Erskine- drums; Don Alias - percussion; Othello Molineaux - steel drums.  

Selections: Overture, Chicken, Donna Lee, Bass Solo, Mr. Phone Bone, Funny May

60 minutes

Jaco Pastorius

Item# ML3


Jaco Pastorius - Live and Outrageous

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