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Candido Fabre - Make Poverty History Concerts

In 2005, Fabré and his 14 piece band was invited to headline two performances in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of The Fairtrade Gathering World Music Concert and the Make Poverty History concert the next day. The DVD features footage from these two events as well as interviews in Cuba with Fabre and his mother. Some old classics from the Manzanillo days are covered, as well as some from Fabré’s Tumi output. Here is a tantalizing glimpse of this great sonero/composer and his fabulous band.

Personnel: Candido Fabre - Main vocal; Zuzell Martinez - Violin; Luis Barroso - Violin; Damian Cambara - Violin; Omar Pupo Sanchez - Keyboard; Luis Hernandez - Bass; Bernard Lopez - Pailas; Juan Gallardo - Vocal; Roberto Chala - Guitar and tres; Jorge Gomez - Piano; Wilfredo Alonso - Tumbas; Ruban Perez - Flute



Candido Fabre - Make Poverty History Concerts

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