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Alex Acuña the Rhythm Collector

Join Alex Acuña as he takes you on a journey from his homeland in Peru to high-profile "A" list session drummer. He also reveals his very favorite rhythms and demonstrates how they apply to drum set and any drumming vocabulary. More...

Item# LA44

Phil Maturano - Afro Cuban Drumming: For The Drumset

This DVD is the first instructional drum method to fully explain the theory and expertly demonstrate the techniques for adapting authentic Latin rhythms to the modern drumset. The re mastered DVD begins with a discussion of the evolution and adaptation of Afro-Cuban percussion instruments to the drumset. Maturano shows how fundamental Mambo and Cha-Cha styles More...

Item# NR81

Marco Minnemann - The Marco Show

Marco's latest release is his most detailed yet. The DVD includes almost one full hour of drum solos, performance with the Marco Minnemann big band and guitar hero Mike Kneally, several play-along tracks, instructional footage, comprehensive bonus features and so much more. In all, almost 4 hours of total content, filmed in High-Definition and 5.1 surround sound. More...

Item# NR72

Modern Drummer - Festival 2006
Saturday 9/16

This set includes performances and interviews by Ronald Bruner Jr. (The Stanley Clarke Band), Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie), the historic R&B/Gospel Summit featuring R&B session ace Teddy Campbell, Gerald Heyward (Beyonce), Aaron Spears (Usher) and gospel great, More...

Item# NR41


Modern Drummer - Festival 2006
Sunday 9/17

This set features performances and interviews by rock/fusion phenom Dave DiCenso, Latin-jazz artist Bobby Sanabria with Ascension, Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai), Danny Seraphine with CTA and Steve Smith' s Jazz Legacy. More...

Item# NR42


Modern Drummer - Festival 2006 (Complete)

Included are: Saturday (2-DVDs) including performances and interviews by Ronald Bruner Jr. (Stanley Clarke Band), Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie), historic R&B/Gospel Summit featuring Teddy Campbell, Gerald Heyward (Beyonce), Aaron Spears (Usher) and gospel great, Marvin McQuitty, drummer/percussionist Glenn Kotche, master drummer Thomas Lang More...

Item# NR43


Billy Ward - Voices in my head

Billy Ward is one of today's most talked about drummers and clinicians. "Voices in my head" is the much anticipated follow-up to his award winning DVD "Big Time". Included is nearly three hours of insightful instruction, as well as the latest release from the Billy Ward Trio entitled "Out the Door". Experience Billy's unique approach to drumming as More...

Also Includes Bonus CD -
"The Billy Ward Trio ~ Out the door".

Item# NR71

Steve Smith - Drum Legacy: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

By combining Smith’s exceptional drumming and musicianship with his in-depth analysis of innovations made by jazz drumming giants, this educational, double-DVD gives players awareness of jazz drumming a sense of its impact on many forms of popular music over the past 50+ years. More...

Steve Smith

Tito Puente - King of Latin Music - DVD and Book

Biography of the legendary Tito Puente and a brief history of Afro-Cuban/salsa music that he popularized throughout the world. A 45 minute DVD includes Tito discussing his incredible 50-year career as a band leader and the influence of other musicians from Cachao to Celia Cruz to Santana had on him. More...


Tito Puente

Jazz Guitar


Tony Keck Guitar Artistry

National award-winning guitarist, Tony Keck, performs a unique style developed through years of studying various forms of music. Using his blues based tapping technique, he creates a soulful, rhythmic, yet meditative sound. His instrumental influence has created a combination of intermixing classical tinge, blues, pop and jazz. More...

Item# NR75

David Laibman - Guitar Artistry

David Laibman is regarded as one of the founders of modern finger-style classic ragtime guitar. He began working out old-timey and classical rags in the 1960s; recording The New Ragtime Guitar with Eric Shoenberg, and Classical Ragtime Guitar (Rounder, 1980), both available on CD. More...

Item# NR37


Jazz Piano


Kenny Werner - Effortless Mastery

This DVD features noted pianist/author Kenny Werner speaking before a packed house of musicians and educators about the principles of his popular concept "Effortless Mastery". The book/CD by the same name has had a profound impact on thousands. More...

Item# NR61


Kenny Werner - Living Effortless Mastery

This DVD features noted pianist/author Kenny Werner presenting a clinic, two master class sessions, and footage from two live performances. More...

Kenny Werner - Living Effortless Mastery

Bill Evans - Universal Mind

Legendary composer and pianist Bill Evans teaches the viewer the meaning of jazz, through live performance and engaging discussion. Filmed as an informal discussion between Bill Evans and his brother Harry Evans (professor of music at Louisiana State University), this documentary features in-depth discussion of Evans' internal process of song interpretation, improvisation, and repertoire.

Bill Evans - Universal Mind



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