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A musical event recorded in Lugano Cathedral in honor of the 100th anniversary of Duke Ellington's birth. Ellington's instrument was his orchestra, a unique tonal palette, thanks to the presence of soloists with strongly individual voices like the saxophonists Johnny Hodges and Harry Carney, the trombonist Lawrence Brown and trumpeters Cootie Williams and Cat Anderson. Apart from his popular reputation as a bon vivant, Ellington was a deeply religious man. Among his body of work, a special space is occupied by his religious music, including three Sacred Concerts he wrote between 1965 and 1973. Now some of Ellington's most powerful and contemplative music is performed by many of the world's finest musicians in this soaring musical celebration.

79 minutes

Item# FA20


Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts

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Swiss Big Band & Choir.

Soloists: Jon Faddis - trumpet; Adam Nussbaum - drums; Allen Harris & Michelle Hendricks - vocals.