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Stan 'the Sound' Getz was one of the most highly regarded saxophonists in jazz history. He had an appealing sense of melody and a command of the technical.

Stan Getz & Richie Cole

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Stan Getz & Richie Cole

This double-bill recording features the remarkable tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, along with Richie Cole's band Alto  Madness. On this DVD, these two amazing artists share with you their own unique style in the ambient setting of the renowned Harvest jazz Festival at the Paul Masson Vineyards in California. This festival has attracted the very best Jazz musicians and appreciative audiences from around the world for years.

Stan Getz - tenor sax; Jim McNeely - piano; Marc Johnson - bass; Victor Lewis - drums.

Richie Cole - alto sax; Bruce Forman - guitar; Bobby Enriquez - piano; Marshall Hawkins - bass; Scott Morris - drums.

Stan Getz - The Last Recording

Stan Getz - The Last Recording

Stan 'the Sound' Getz was one of the most highly regarded saxophonists in jazz history. He had an appealing sense of melody and a command of the technical. However, it was his tone that Stan Getz was known for - that rich, distinct tone that was envied by so many musicians and praised by countless critics. His last concert recording is presented on this DVD, recorded live on video in 1990, one year before his death. 2 sets; 

Personel: Stan Getz - Tenor Saxophone, Kenny Barron - Piano, Eddie Del Barrio - Synthesizer, Frank Zottoli - Synthesizer, Alex Blake - Bass, Terri Lyne Carrington - Drums

Item# FA28
Stan Getz - Bruni Jazz Art

Stan Getz - Vintage Getz

Recorded 1983 at Robert Mondavi Winery, Napa Valley, California - Stan Getz - Tenor Saxophone; Jim McNeely - Piano; Marc Johnson - Bass; Victor Lewis - Drums 

"It's a pleasure to be here," says Stan Getz, surveying the California landscape from the open-air stage he's performing on. It's different to the dives I play in." And it clearly inspired this famously uncompromising saxophonist in the performance that's captured on this DVD.

The first set is chiefly made up of material by pianist Jim McNeely, who writes with a fine melodic touch, and it sets the great cool saxophonist off into a series of beautifully-shaped improvisations that will repay many viewings and listenings. Stan's quartet also includes a scintillating rhythm team in bassist Marc Johnson, who had come from working with Bill Evans in the pianist's last trio, and drummer Victor Lewis. A brisk reading of Bud Powell's bebop classic 'Tempus Fugit' is the climax of the set. There's a brief nod to his popularity as one of the leaders of the jazz Bossa Nova movement in the 1960s, and a delightful treatment of Dave Brubeck's engaging theme 'In Your Own Sweet Way.' But the major set pieces in the program are Stan's astonishingly beautiful ballad interpretations of two Billy Strayhorn compositions: 'Lush Life,' dedicated to the memory of the saxophonist's father, and the haunting 'Blood Count,' a piece which Strayhorn composed in the last days of his life. The glorious Stan Getz tone has never sounded better than it does here.

2 sets

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